The templates won't take effect when I configure 3 file inputs


I have a config file with three file inputs (all of them are log files) and three filters (each of them with a different pattern) and three elasticsearch outputs (each of them goes to a different index). Each index has a different template.

When I run the config file, the templates are ignored and they don't take effect, BUT when I separate the configuration in different files, the templates take effect.

I've already used the following parameters in the config file:

  • template => "file_name.json"
  • template_overwrite => "true"
  • manage_template => "true"
  • template_name => "template_name"

But I don't see improvement.

Has anyone had this error before?

(I'm working with elasticsearch 2.3.2 and logstash 2.3.2)

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