Think Like a Relevance Engineer for Elasticsearch with on-demand self-led training

I'm very pleased to announce that OSC's flagship trainings, inspired by the book Relevant Search and which have been taken by hundreds of relevance engineers worldwide, are now available on demand as self-led courses. If you're a search engineer, product owner, ML specialist or data scientist you can learn both the business and technical aspects of search relevance using Elasticsearch with Think Like a Relevance Engineer (TLRE) and follow up with an advanced course on Learning to Rank (Hello LTR). The self-led trainings consist of many hours of video recorded by the OSC team, slides, quizzes, labs and examples, and will empower you to deliver amazing search experiences. For the month of January we're offering all these courses at a discounted price and we're very much looking forward to meeting you in the associated private Slack channel here and in our weekly live Zoom calls with our expert trainers. If you'd like these courses in-person for your team, onsite or online, we can also arrange that. Sign up today here.

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