Relevant Search Seminar, Sept 25 & 26

I wrote the book Relevant Search, created the Elasticsearch Learning to Rank Plugin. I'll be teaching a small class targeted at Solr & Elasticsearch developers wanting to build smarter search applications - cutting through the 'cognitive search' buzzwords. We go from TF*IDF to boosting techniques to semantic search & machine learning (learning to rank).

Here's why we created the class:

It's a great way to meet other folks working on relevance problems as well and brainstorm tough problems. A great way to get introduced to the larger relevance community.

Hope to see you there!

There's been a mistake here with this announcement (can't seem to find the 'delete' button). We ended up deciding Sept 25/26 are focused on Solr. Please get in touch if you're interested in attending a version of this class that goes deep into Elasticsearch. If enough interest, we will build out that material.