Thinking out loud, I have a large disk enclosure and want to use it for Elastic

I've got a 84x 16Tb in a disk enclosure that can be attached with SAS, all details can be read here. This is not a disk array, so it doesn't have its own cache, hardware RAID controller or ways to export the data via e.g. NFS.

What would be the best way to utilize this with Elastic? I'm unfamiliar with setups like this. I suppose I can attach this disk enclosure with SAS cables and use multipath to mount this enclosure to multiple servers, let's say 2. And then use software RAID to provide redundancy and utilize performance. I'm thinking of RAID6 for dual parity and optimized read performance. And then use NFS fail-over between these 2 servers to export the storage to Elastic. Which can then mount it and use it. Maybe Ceph might be an option as well. But that's even further from my expertise. But I'm open to suggestions.

In any case I suppose this cannot be directly attached to Elastic machines. Because there are limited SAS connections, so if the Elastic cluster would grow beyond those connections, I would run into a scalability wall.

If you had this disk enclosure, how would you maximize the performance and availability for Elastic?


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