Third party plugins are not visible in Kibana 7.1.1

Hi, I am trying to experiment with 3rd party plugin. I have ES and Kibana 7.1.1 installed on Centos7 via RPM. I used kibana-plugin tool to install a plugin. I see the following in the kibana log:
"Optimization of bundles for graph, monitoring, space_selector, login, logout, logged_out, ml, dashboardViewer, apm, maps, canvas, infra, uptime, gradiant_style, kibana, stateSessionStorageRedirect, status_page and timelion complete in 58.18 seconds"
I also see the plugin in the optimize/bundles directory (gradiant_style.css,gradiant_style.bundle.js, gradiant_style.entry.js). However, I don't see the plugin in Kibana. Can you provide any helpful insight into why it's not working. Am I missing a step or is there another troubleshooting technique I can use to understand why plugin doesn't appear. Thx!

Hey @Rhonda_Gregory, Kibana plugins can augment or add any number of features, they don't necessarily have to be applications that show-up in the navigation on the left part of the screen. If you're seeing the message about the gradient_style plugin being recognized, it's installed correctly. I'd recommend checking with the plugin author to determine what exactly it should be doing.

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