This Beat requires the default distribution of Elasticsearch

Using Filebeat image :

Elastic Search image :

Now have changed to, but in the filebeat logs getting this error:

ERROR beater/filebeat.go:298 Could not init registrar: Registry file path must be a file. /usr/share/filebeat/data/registry is a directory.

do i need to rm some registry on all the k8s nodes? what is the name of the registry file (default) i did not specify on daemonset.

do we have complitible versions list which i can refer to have the whole Elastic stack deplyment on kubernetes.

Hi @Maurya_M,

You can find a compatibility matrix here:

Filebeat 7.0 is not compatible with Elasticsearch < 7.0, you need to upgrade Elasticsearch first if you want to use this version of Filebeat. Also default distribution of Filebeat requires default distribution of Elasticsearch.

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thanks @jsoriano for sharing the compatibility matrix. now i know which version to be sure.

Also what do you mean by default distribution ( sorry if i am novice user ) want to understand does that mean oss vs license version?

The Default distribution includes our X-Pack features, and provides a free Basic license. That includes a whole bunch of functionality which you can see here

thanks @warkolm for clarifying the distributions, i am currently using filebeat:6.3.0, if i move to any other versions , i am getting errors in the pod logs ( filebeat daemonset) , do i need to erase / remove the /usr/share/filebeat/data on the host mountpath?

Also another error i coming across now is this related to the version i am using?

"ERROR cfgfile/reload.go:201 Unable to create runner due to error: Can only start an input when all related states are finished: {Id:1536484-2049 Finished:false Fileinfo:0xc4205be0d0 "

You would be better off creating a new topic for each of those questions.

ok will create new topic. thanks for your support on the distribution question .

cheers & thanks,

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