This incident made its place in the history as 'May Day'."

"It was 1880 or even before. Owners of the mills and industries make
their workers work so hard but did not pay them accordingly. They were
treated inhumanly. Workers often went for movements for these. This tempo
rose in around 1886. Workers frequently called for strikes, instantly
fighting and broke out . On one such day, a strike was called
coincidentally on the 1st of May 1886. On the 4th of the same month, a
peaceful procession was out in the city of Chicago. When it reached a place
called 'Haymarket Square', someone hurled a bomb on the police standing
nearby. Police began firing and many people died. This incident made its
place in the history as 'May Day'."

  • "In a second Global Convention of the Labourers, held in Paris on 14
    July, 1889, it was decided for the first time to celebrate the 1st of May
    as an international day. Since then, this is being formally observed as a
    'Historical Day' throughout the world to realize the rights of the workers.
    It is worth mentioning that, right after the day is passed, these
    responsibilities toward the workers and significance of the day are totally
    forgotten. That's a proven reality today."*

"Incidents and spirits of May Day is nothing to the dignity and interest
of the workers as given in Islam. May Day spirit is virtually the
democratic concepts of the un-Islamists which is nothing but 'no-religion'
to the Muslims. Therefore, the May Day spirit might be something to the
derailed and incomplete un-Islamists but to the Muslims, it is irrelevant
and unnecessary. Rather that's un-permitted since it follows the
non-Islamic customs. Hadis Shareef says, "One who keeps in touch with
certain community, shall be disposed off along with that community."

  • "An official day-off on May Day is just meaningless while we do not have
    offdays on the days with Islamic values. There is no arrangements for
    day-off on important days like Akhiri Chahar Shomba, Fatiha-i-Eazdaham,
    Mirwaaj Shareef, Lailatur Rwagaib and 1st and 6th of Rajab etc. These days
    are of immense blessings and Barakat for the Muslims. The government should
    arrange for days-off on such significant Islamic spirited days instead of
    those meaningless un-Islamic days."*

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