This version of the JDBC driver is only compatible with Elasticsearch version 7.13 or newer; attempting to connect to a server version 7.4.2

Hello, I am trying to put my elasticsearch
in database views, using intellij's Datagrip.

this is where I got the jdbc driver source.

meanwhile, my elastic search server has 7.4.2 version.

Isn't 7.4.2 newer than 7.13...?

No. 4 < 13.

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you are a genius.....

Isn't 7.4.2 newer than 7.13...?

I just answered that question.

Actually, now that I read the title, I understand the question.
So you downloaded the version 7.13 of the jdbc connector and you are trying to connect to a 7.4.2 cluster with it, right?

You need to use instead JDBC Client 7.4.2 | Elastic

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yes... it works fine now... thank you very much....

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