Threat Intel MISP

I'm trying to use Threat Intel MISP on filebeat and when i start the filebeat i have this error

Aug 17 14:11:20 ubuntuserver filebeat[18895]: {"log.level":"error","@timestamp":"2022-08-17T14:11:20.550Z","log.logger":"input.httpjson-cursor.retryablehttp","log.origin":
{"":"go-retryablehttp@v0.6.6/client.go","file.line":553},"message":"request failed","":"filebeat","id":"81BF425127182E05",
"error":{"message":"Post "\": x509: certificate signed by unknown authority"},

I did filebeat test config and filebeat test output and is all good.

Any solution for this problem?

This is my configurations:


configuration kibana: host:""
configuration elastic:
hosts: [""]
protocol: "https"
username: "elastic"
password: "password"
enabled: true
ca_trusted_fingerprint: ""

threat Intel MISP:
enabled: true
var.input: httpjson
var.api_token: 2ovd1ynjIMkEzCd9oA9DvumnQLweeYnCMtKQqtZl
var.first_interval: 200000h
var.interval: 5m

Have you used self-signed certificate?

I resolve this problem.
Another problem i have is i can't receive the data for my misp instance.

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