Threat intelligence module

Hi there! Alert for a maybe, a stupid question.
I want to enable the thread intelligence module from diferent resources. I click enable in Kibana and go to the documentation:

My question is, where I put this config/modules config? in the kibana.yml file?
I don't find the solution. I tried to put the config in diferent config files but doesn't work properly. Could you please give some light?

And sorry for the question if it is very basic :S

The threat intelligence module is part of Filebeat, Threat Intel module | Filebeat Reference [7.14] | Elastic. You'll need to install Filebeat and then configure the module there.

And it's possible to enable this threat intelligence modules in the filebeat that runs in the elastic agent?
In the 7.14 release I migrated all the filebeats to elastic agents.

I don't think the threat Intel module had been migrated to the elastic agent yet. But it should be soon.

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