[Throttle filter]How can I string this field?


I'm struggling with the throttle filter. What I want seems pretty straight forward but I can't get it to work.

They "KEY" value needs to contain the fields you want to throttle. I figured out "field" throttles the field regardless of the value and %{field} throttles per unique value. So far so good, I need that.

key => "%{field1},field2" works fine. But I need to add multiple fields. Adding another %{field3} works fine but something like key => "%{field1},field2,field3" doesn't work. Field2 will always be dropped.

How can I make this work? The documentation is not helpful.

PS. There are further awkward things not mentioned in the docs.
You need to put ALL fields in throttle, otherwise it will just throttle everything. This doesn't make sense as you'd expect only the fields under "key" would be throttled with the rest processed as normal.

Nobody knows how to achieve this?

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