Time-difference between multiple occurrences of a custom pattern


I have the interesting log-lines as shown below:

Nov 30,14:49:56.785 INFO Plane 1A landed
Nov 30,14:49:57.099 INFO Plane 2B landed
Nov 30,14:49:57.368 INFO Plane 2C landed
Nov 30,14:49:57.620 INFO Plane 2D landed
Nov 30,14:49:57.900 INFO Plane 5X landed
Nov 30,14:49:58.267 INFO Plane 6G landed

I need the difference between the 4th(i+3) occurrence and current occurrence for particular calculation.

diff14 = Nov 30,14:49:57.620 - Nov 30,14:49:56.785
diff25 = Nov 30,14:49:57.900 - Nov 30,14:49:57.099
diff36 = Nov 30,14:49:58.267 - Nov 30,14:49:57.368

Any help please? Thanks.


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