Time_file field of S3 ouptut plugin

I am using S3 output plugin for logstash version 7.0.1 to ship logs to S3 bucket. I set up a docker container running logstash. But the plugin is creating objects in S3 after 15-20 mins delay. Is this because of the time_field field. When i changed it to 1. Then they started coming up in 1 min.
What does this time_file field signify ?
and one more question the prefix field of the plugin lets to give the folder structure, but the file format is added by the plugin. Can i add a custom file name ?

S3 outputs create temporary files into the OS' temporary directory, you can specify where to save them using the temporary_directory option.


It is going to write to a local temp file, and upon either reaching the size or time limit it will rotate to a new local temp file and upload the previous file to s3.

thanks @jpcarey. But temporary_directory is used to specify the directory structure, i want to have custom file name instead of the default file format i.e ls.s3.312bc026-2f5d-49bc-ae9f-5940cf4ad9a6.2013-04-18T10.00.tag_hello.part0.txt provided by the plugin

And i also want to ask what does time_file field signifies ?

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