Help with Logstash s3 output plugin refactoring (Feature Request #215)

I am working on refactoring logstash-output-s3 plugin so that it handles custom filenames (Feature Request #215) and I am running into an issue that has become a blocker for me and that is the refactored plugin honors the time_size tag but not the file_size tag.

Specifically the problem lies in this call / code block:"Rotation of tempfile: ", :temp_file => temp_file) //debug info my own
if @rotation.rotate?(temp_file)"Rotate file",
:strategy =>,
:key => temp_file.key,
:path => temp_file.path)

This is being called when I don't pass in a custom filename but let the plugin assign the default pattern to the file however this block does not get called when passing in a custom filename.

Note: I have noticed that there is an intermittent issue where even though there is a custom filename being built the plugin will still assign the default pattern. Was wondering if this could be causing the issue.

I am new to Ruby so this has been a great learning experience however if I can pass this last hurtle then I can submit the update to the github repository for release in a future plugin update.


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