Time format of output

In the logstash (ver 7) output I have

 index => "logstash-asterisk-%{+YYYY.MM.dd.HH}"

and I was expecting ES (ver 7) makes index something like logstash-asterisk-2019.09.02.15 for 3pm.

but when I look at kibana hour section just starts from 01, 02, and 03.

Is this how it is designed or something wrong?
I was expecting this.
logstash-asterisk-2019.09.02.15 for 3pm.
logstash-asterisk-2019.09.02.16 for 4pm.
logstash-asterisk-2019.09.02.17 for 5pm.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Can you show a document together with the name of the index it ended up in? Be aware that this is based on the @timestamp field, which is in UTC.

As a side note - how come you are using hourly indices? Do you have an extreme amount of data coming in or a very short retention period? If not, be aware that this generally results in a lot of indices and shards which can cause performance problems down the line. Have a look at this blog post for guidance.

Ah.. It is UTC. It makes sense. Accidentally I started hourly index at 1 am in UTC so it started from 01.
We are collecting kamailio log. It creates 60GB every hour so we can keep only last a few hours log.
Thanks for your help.

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