TIme series based index strategy

Hi All,
I was looking into Indexint Strategy for multitenancy, i see that 1) user based index with shared index and big customers isolated index strategy.
2) time series based.
any thought on clubbiing time based indexing strategy and user based.
Approach 1.
time based on index, slice the query based on the alsis to relative time frame,
a) here less number of indices used but it will hit all the shards for all the customers.
b) can we have another level to hit only the min shards in a index for customer, so that all the shards are not hit in a single time window?
c) have time time series index, 2) in that user based sharding 4) isolate the bigger customer.
anything wrong with approach?i know I am saying at the very high level.

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It's a little hard to follow your logic here sorry, can you reformat your post so that it's a little easier to read?

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