Time Series Visual Builder calculate $ Growth Month over Month

I was able to get my 2 labels working one that shows Monthly Revenue and one that shows last years monthly revenue both showing on the left Axis.
On the right I want to show the difference between last year and this year month to month. Basically a difference between the 1st 2 labels.

What Metric combination on my 3rd Growth label do I use to get that value. So I can show it on the right axis?

Unfortunately you can't do a calculation between two series (because they are independent queries) using TSVB. That's something you would need to do in Timelion.

I know Timelion has this ability because that is where I have this working. But Timelion has an outstanding bug that got introduced in 5.x which is preventing me from using Timelion so I am creating all my Timelion Visuals over again using TSVB
Link to outstanding Timelion issue when added to Dashboards.

Any projections on when this bug above will be fixed in Timelion? Since TSVB doesn't support Multiple Indices for calculations and Timelion has this bug that was introduced in 5.X. I am pretty much stuck with no solution.

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