Time Series Visual Builder - Inverted Y-Axis

Hey there,

so I'm trying to build an area chart in Kibana 6.8 that visualizes the document count of a specific filter.

My plan:
We have firewall logs and I want an area chart. One area is based on filtering specific source hosts. The other area consists of specific destination hosts. Now I want both of them in one chart, but one of them inverted.

I already found this tutorial https://www.elastic.co/blog/master-time-with-kibanas-new-time-series-visual-builder but the function doesn't seem to work if there is no calculation in the metric.

The aggregation "Calculation" is missing, so I guessed it has to be "Math". But taking the formular "params.test > 0 ? params.test* -1 : null" doesn't work on my end.

Am I doing something wrong here?

Thanks in advance!

Try just doing params.test* -1

I think the new TinyMath library introduced when the name changed from "Calculation" to "Math" handles undefined values for you.

Hey Bargs,

thanks for the answer but unfortunately it doesn't work.
Its not just the negative calculation won't work. I tried to multiplicate with 2 or anything else but the numbers wont change.


Oh, it works now. I had to have "Count" first then the "Math" aggregation.

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