Time Slider disappears in Dashboards or with non-time based data

Love the time slider functionality that was released in 7.14 and have been trying to use and integrate it into our dashboards. I'm running into 2 problems

  1. Time slider doesn't seem supported in Dashboards - I've created a couple maps and really enjoy the time slider functionality to watch two datasets change over time on the map. As soon as I attempt to add this map to a Dashboard the time slider icon disappears. Is this an intended consequence? I'm hoping it's just a bug and the intent is to have the time slider button visible on dashboards

  2. Time slider doesn't seem supported if there's a layer added that isn't indexed in time (index pattern setup with time) - The next thing I've attempted was adding to my map above was an index that doesn't have a time component (e.g. building locations). As soon as I add this to a map where time slider was working it stops working. I'd hope that as long as there is one time-based layer the slider is available and will work the same as the global time filter (just applies to layers that can be filtered on time)

I've tried searching but found very little documentation on this feature. It was even tough to figure out where the "time slider" icon appears until I finally started from scratch with a blank map and then saw it pop-up after watching the Kibana video on time shifting and time slider.

Thanks for all the awesome enhancements

For now the recommendation is to not mix time-based data and non-time-based data on the dashboard if you want to use the slider. There are improvements to it that have happened over time and 7.14 is already a 1 yo version and multiple versions have been released in the meantime.

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