Time To Live

Hey Guys got a quick question about time to live

I was going to great a Nagios index with a uniq id of - but then I ran across _TTL


Before I start playing with this field, can someone give me any pointers about it? Or the future of this field? Beyond what is in the documentation.

In the document it says the _ttl is deprecated in 2.0.0Beta but there seems to be no mention on what the new field will be called and we are now .3 versions later. I would hate to build stuff around this when it goes By by/Changes.

It will be removed in future versions of Elasticsearch. It will still be supported in 5.x for indices using _ttl that were created in previous versions of Elasticsearch, but new indices can not use this feature and support for it will be removed in Elasticsearch 6.0.0.

So it is being removed, How unfortunate for me as this will cause me to write something that will delete expired records rather then something built in to the product.

Oh well, thanks!