"timed out when collecting data" error

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I am seeing "timed out when collecting data" error from our warm nodes. Yes we are using hot-warm architecture.

Our Elasticsearch node descriptions are below.

suy-prd-opr-els-01 - client
suy-prd-opr-els-02 - master (active)
suy-prd-opr-els-03 - master
suy-prd-opr-els-04 - hot
suy-prd-opr-els-05 - hot
suy-prd-opr-els-06 - hot
suy-prd-opr-els-07 - warm
suy-prd-opr-els-08 - warm
suy-prd-opr-els-09 - warm

we are using Elasticsearch ver6.0, each nodes have x-pack (basic) for monitoring.

  • Can anyone please explain why this error occurs?
  • Is this related to index for monitoring? If so, no impact to normal indices?
  • error shows "timed out when collecting data". what data is being collected? from where to where, for what task?

below error captured from suy-prd-opr-els-07 (warm node).

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