Timelion Bar stacking with stack=off parameter -- bug?

Reading another post thought there was someone with the same problem but it seems I'm "unique" in my situation. Having an issue where despite having the parameter of stack=off as part of bars(), Kibana is indeed stacking a bar graph. The "green" is the much lesser value yet it's on top of the blue leading to believe green has a larger value despite, again, it's being told to disable stacking. Any insight/thoughts?

Find below the ES code for it.

.es(index=logstash*, timefield='@timestamp', metric='count:F5Response_Sec',q=F5URI:*Number1*).bars(stack=off).color('blue').label('Number1'),.es(index=logstash*, timefield='@timestamp', metric='count:F5Response_Sec',q=F5URI:*Number2*).bars(stack=off).color('green').label('Number2'),.es(index=logstash*, timefield='@timestamp', metric='count:F5Response_Sec',q=F5URI:*Number3*).bars(stack=off).color('red').label('Number3'),.es(index=logstash*, timefield='@timestamp', metric='count:F5Response_Sec',q=F5URI:*Number4*).bars(stack=off).color('orange').label('Number4')

Found a fixed bug in 5.x but it appears to have re-appeared. If no one see's anything wrong in the above,
will open a bug/issue.

v5 bug resolved https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/12677

Semi-related/opposite issue Non stacked bars in Timelion (Kibana 5 - rc1)

I would suggest you to open a bug. We can always triage it accordingly. More screenshots, logs, versions, steps included.


For future searches/reference to similar problems, nreese on github caught the error. Knowing stack was a boolen value (yes/no, off/on, true/false), it's a literal true/false and nothing else is accepted. So should be stack=false to stop kibana from stacking. This issue is resolved.

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