Timelion of kibana error : incomplete function

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Hello ,
i am using timelion of kibana but this error appear


this the query i wrote

.es(*),.es(index='transaction",timefield="transaction_date", metric="cardinality:customer_name").substract(.es(index="transaction",metric="cardinality:customer_name",offset ="-1M"))

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It looks like you're missing the timefield=“transaction_date” from the .subtract(.es()) part.

You have;

.es(*),.es(index='transaction",timefield=“transaction_date”, metric=“cardinality:customer_name”).substract(.es(index=“transaction”,metric=“cardinality:customer_name”,offset ="-1M"))

but should be;

.es(*),.es(index='transaction",timefield=“transaction_date”, metric=“cardinality:customer_name”).substract(.es(index=“transaction”,timefield=“transaction_date”,metric=“cardinality:customer_name”,offset ="-1M"))

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thank you for your reply
i tryed it but the same error appear
SyntaxError: {"type":"incompleteFunction","function":"es","location":{"min":101,"max":104},"text":".es"}
at peg$buildException (eval at compile (/opt/kibana-5.5.0-linux-x86_64/node_modules/pegjs/lib/compiler.js:54:37), :363:14)

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I think between copy/pasting in this thread a bunch of the single quotes have been replaced with double-quotes and smart-quotes. When you're trying it I think you should be using single quotes everywhere. Let me know if that fixes it.

With my data I was able to use this expression;
.es(index='metricbeat-*',metric='cardinality:metricset.name').subtract(.es(index='metricbeat-*',metric='cardinality:metricset.name',offset ='-9m'))

Another thought is to break down you expression so that you can test each part. For example, the .es() block inside the .subtract() does that work by itself?

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thank you for your reply
it worked but i didn't understand why timelion series of kibana always give me null results or nothing at all even if there is no error and when i add .points() function it only gives one point

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