Timelion - Project number of documents out to the end of the month

Is there any method in Timelion to multiply the number of results in a partial bucket to estimate the monthly total? My .es query counts documents and then I use the drop down to set the interval to 1M. For the current month, the document count drops off (because the docs don't exist yet). Does Timelion have any way of projecting out to the end of the month?

For example, if we are in day 7 of a 31 day month, I could multiply by 31/7. Is there any function that knows what number day it currently is, and how many days will be in the calendar month?

Hi @adahn, sorry for the late reply
unfortunately there is no way to implement that. At least not in Timelion. In TSVB you can maybe create a similar workaround using a bucket script, but there is no way to compute the number of days in that specific interval.
I think the only viable way is to handle that is to use Vega and create an expression that fill partial buckets with your prediction: https://vega.github.io/vega/docs/expressions/

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