Timelion: see avg. usage for 24h periode

It it possible to use Timelion to graph a e.g. number of unique users during 24h for e.g. 30 days data? So the x axis is just showing 24 hours, but graphing the avg. number of unique users based on 30 days data?

You want to look at 30 days with a 1 day interval? So the number of unique users bucketed into each day?

You can do this in Kibana with unique count on an id unique to the user or in Timelion with the cardinality metric.

No, say I want to evaluate user activity for a system, to answer the question "When are our users most inactive during a 24h period?". I want to use the last 30 days of data, calculate the average for each hour and graph this.

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