Timelion - syntax for multiple AND

Hi, How to correctly syntax for multiple AND?Elastic_Forum_Image_SyntaxforMultipleAND|690x388

Thank you

This is covered by the Timelion tutorial which you can access by clicking "Help" within Timelion.

.es('user:bob AND bytes:>100')

Nick, when attempting multiple AND within (' '), Timelion runs, but data goes to zero (flat line). Remove either one of the AND criterion, line is OK. Need to run on full criterion.

any ideas appreciated.

Sorry, it's hard for me to understand the issue without more information. Can you share some example documents?

Syntax for the second AND has been resolved. As the Lucene code runs, yet Y-axis indicates zero. Table Visualization indicates is a data issue. Demonstrated by adding Bucket for the second AND criterion, Table “No results found”.

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