Timelion Top Transactions

(Dhanashree Zope) #1

I have created a timelion and i wish to display only top 10 values for a field. How can i achieve that? Also if i want to display data for next top 10(11-20) values How can i do that?

(Tim Sullivan) #2

You can use the split argument of the .es() function to get the top 10 values of a field. Other than that, if you want to limit which values can be present for a field, you can use filters.

(Dhanashree Zope) #3

Okay. @tsullivan But using filter how can i get next 10 values. Can you please help me with that?

(Tim Sullivan) #4

Sorry, I wasn't clear before.

I don't think Timelion has a way to "page" through to the 11-20th split terms. If you know what those terms are ahead of time, you could filter explicitly for those terms.

(system) #5

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