Timelion visualization make the Y axe increasing countinuously

I have MySQL database and need to see the changes over time so did the below:
Database structure is:

id (autoincrement): 1,2,3....
Datetimes (date and time of data insertion):2019-06-21 15:55:00,2019-06-21 15:55:05, ...
Status: success or failure
nb (count the failure or success when occured at the same Datetime): 2, 87, 21, ...

Here is my timelion code of the graph:

.es(index=logstash*, timefield=datetimes, metric=sum:nb, q=statut:SUCCESS).label(SUCCESS), .es(index=logstash*, timefield=datetimes, metric=sum:nb, q=statut:FAILURE).label(FAILURE).yaxis(2)

Now what I dont understand is why the Y axe for the known datetime keeps growing by time. My timestamp is not the Elastic timestamp, I picked my Datetimes field as timestamp.

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