Timeouts when deleting a snapshot (without curator)


I sometimes have timeout errors when deleting a snapshot using the API:
{ "statusCode": 504, "error": "Gateway Timeout", "message": "Client request timeout" }

With curator, it's possible to expand the timeout...but is it possible using the api directly?
(I can't use curator in my situation, so I have to create my own solution)


Why can you not use Curator?

I'm on RHEL7 and on this server, I can't make curator work properly:

`Unable to create client connection to Elasticsearch.  Error: ConnectionError([Errno 2] No such file or directory) caused by: SSLError([Errno 2] No such file or directory`

It seems to be related to my version of openssl...sadly, I have no control on the packages repositories (it's a professional environment), and I can't update openssl.

I use curator on an other cluster that doesn't use SSL, and it works like a charm!

Using the API directly will depend on the client library used. With Python, it's as simple as timeout=XX. It will be similar/different depending on the client library you're using. For Console, it's whatever it does.


You're getting a 504 timeout, which is a different animal entirely. See this older documentation. No client-side timeout increase will ever compensate for a 504 happening on the server side (which is usually a load-balancer) :frowning:

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Thank you Aaron! I'll check it with my network team.

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