Timestamp correlation of two discover dashlets for log data

I am trying to achieve some thing and would greatly appreciate the help of the community here.

We are trying to search and index logs in a distributed environment. We are looking at two different logs in two dashlets with discover searches. We want the two dashlets to be correlated based on time stamp, meaning, when we scroll over one dashlet, based on the time stamp in the dashlet, we want the other dashlet to scroll automatically. Is there such a functionality or an equivalent functionality in Kibana ?.

Maybe I am not understanding the question, but the time selection is applied to all visualizations on a dashboard. So, if you select a section of data of a time series visualization, the timespan will be applied to all visualizations.

If we have two saved searches (or dashlets), then I want to scroll over one and the second one too should scroll based on the time stamp in the first dashlet. The idea is that, when debugging, we want to see logs from two different files side by side.