Timestamp elasticsearch log missmatch with local timestamp

Hi all,

I am tracing elasticsearch logs. But unfortunatelly, I find it difficult because there is difference timestamp in elasticsearch and localtime. My localtime is WIB (UTC+7), while elasticsearch log use EDT(UTC-4). I have other nodes with UTC timestamp in elasticsearch log.

I don't know how to match elasticsearch log time or modify the timestamp format. Here, the last line of log

# tail -n 1 /var/log/elasticsearch/QLWIMOAISD.log
[2015-07-13 14:23:16,201][INFO ][indices.cache.filter     ] [node.0] updating [indices.cache.filter.size] from [10%] to [25%]

# ls -la /var/log/elasticsearch/QLWIMOAISD.log
-rw-r--r-- 1 elasticsearch elasticsearch 95699 Jul 14 01:23 /var/log/elasticsearch/QLWIMOAISD.log

# date
Tue Jul 14 01:29:52 WIB 2015

Please, your advice.

This would be dependent on how your system is setup, as ES will just use the system time (which is usually UTC).