@timestamp is showing a time in the future

The @timestamp date and time is showing 5 hours in the future. Why is this happening. Can someone help me in getting this fixed. This log came into elasticsearch not long after it posted.

           "@timestamp": "2015-09-16T15:03:44.489Z",
           "host": "",
           "path": "/opt/jboss/jboss7/standalone/log/server.log",
           "type": "jboss",
           "time": "September 16 2015 10:03:44,348",
           "level": "WARNING",
           "logger": "javax.enterprise.resource.webcontainer.jsf.lifecycle",
           "thread": "http-/",
           "tags": [

@timestamp is UTC while presumably your local timezone is UTC-5 (CDT?). This is by design. Do not attempt to "fix" it. Presentation layers should apply timezone correction as necessary. Kibana does this.