TLS Certificates dashboard is empty


I have a problem with the TLS Certificates dashboard in Uptime 7.14.0.
In the Monitors dashboard, I can see dates in the TLS Certificates column saying that the certificates will expire next year. Unfortunately, when I look in the TLS Certificates dashboard, it is empty. This problem is only with one index, the data from other indices work fine. I've compared the TLS fields in working and non-working documents, and I can't find any difference.
The agent which has the problem, is 7.12.0, so that should be fine.

What is necessary in the documents, so that they would appear in the TLS dashboard?


Hi @norgro2601 - the field this page uses is tls.server.hash.sha256. If you've configured your Heartbeat to monitor an endpoint that uses TLS this field should autopopulate without any additional action on your part and display in the UI.

I might be able to provide some more specific help if you're able to share your Heartbeat config, or provide an example of a public website that is not showing for you.

Hi @jkambic,

I've checked the tls.server.hash.sha256 field, it is populated in all documents. Here are two examples of websites, which are not working.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @jkambic ,

this is a screenshot of a definition in Heartbeat that works.heartbeat

This example does not work.heartbeat-problem

Have you tried running it without ssl verification disabled? Can I ask why you care about certs, but don't want TLS verification?

Hi @Andrew_Cholakian1,

these definitions are from a new environment that is still in test, and I assume, this is why my colleagues have set ssl.verification_mode to none. They are mainly interested in the expiry date.

I will have them change the setting, but I doubt, that this is the root cause of the problem, as there are examples with this setting that works as needed, so I assume, that this setting alone has no influence on the visibility in the Certificates dashboard.

Hi @norgro2601 - I have pulled down a 7.14.0 release stack and run the exact monitor config you've specified, and I was able to see cert information in the TLS page. If you're telling me the field is present when you look at individual documents and you're still not seeing it I am not sure what else to check, at least with the available information.

Are any errors being logged in your browser console or in the Kibana server log when trying to access these pages? You could also look at the network tab and confirm that calls to api/uptime/certs have no data coming down.

Hi, we are also on 7.14.0 and experiencing the same issue. TLS dashboard is all empty. The field tls.server.hash.sha256 is populated in all documents in our index.
The error I get in the browser console:
Refused to execute inline script because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "script-src 'unsafe-eval' 'self'". Either the 'unsafe-inline' keyword, a hash ('sha256-xxxxxxx'), or a nonce ('nonce-...') is required to enable inline execution. uptime/certificates:282

response from the /api/uptime/certs: {"certs":[],"total":0}