TLS error after fresh install of elastic search

I'm trying to get Elasticsearch working on Ubuntu 22. I've uninstalled it a few times but keep getting an SSL error when testing using curl. I've tried 7.17, 7.10, and 8.8.


sudo apt-get remove --purge elasticsearch
sudo rm -rf /etc/elasticsearch
sudo rm -rf /var/lib/elasticsearch


sudo apt-get install elasticsearch=7.10.1
sudo systemctl start elasticsearch
curl http://localhost:9200/

Client sent an HTTP request to an HTTPS server.

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You need to use curl https://localhost:9200/ :slight_smile:

@warkolm When I do that I get a different error curl: (35) error:0A000438:SSL routines::tlsv1 alert internal error

@antarr Try

curl -k -v -u elastic:password https://localhost:9200/

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Also you might want to look at the instructions here

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