To run elastic search and logstash on different server

Hello everyone,
I am using logstash on a linux based server . I am collecting the logs on this server and after processing the logs with logstash i want to send these logs to elastic search which is on an amazon ec-2 instance . for this what are the changes i will have to make in logstash config file and elasticsearch.yml ,logstash.yml file...i am changing the logstash output filter from hosts => ["localhost:9200"] to hosts => ["ec-2ip:9200"] . Do i have to change anything else or should there be any protocol enabled between these two servers . TCP is enabled between them.
Thanks in advance

You might need to provide also authentication details as well as certificates of required.

sorry i didn't get you. authentication details of what? You mean to say elastic search authentication details??
and which certificates you are saying

in case if u are using a ssl certificate in logstash and elastic you have to mention in the ssl certificate path in the config file at output... and if u are using authentication mechanism in elastic(ur elastic server is enabled with username and password) then those details also has to be in config file.

This is applicable only if certificate and authentication is enabled else in output ur elastichosts and index name is enough

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