To Whitelist Swiftype Search

Swifttype search is set up for the website and it is working fine at the public but in our office network, it is being blocked and showing 403. So, I need to whitelist swifttype at our office network to make it works. May I know what url/service/IP need to be whitelisted?

Khaing Su Hlaing

Hey there Khaing --

I'd recommend emailing -- they can help you out with this in the safest way. :slight_smile:

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Hi Kellen,

Thank you for your information. I sent the email to swiftype support but nobody care about it and no reply. That's why I posted in here.

Khaing Su Hlaing - this may be useful.

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I'm also needing that information. We have a site in staging that requires us to whitelist Swiftype's IP. Would you kindly point me in the right direction?


You need to send email to support. user agent string is particularly for each customer. So, you have to contact support for this.

Got it, thanks.

Thanks for the great feedback.

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