Tokenizer for html tags attributes


What i need to achieve is a better html documents indexing.

I started with first analyzer that strips html chars and works with text
only, but almost half om my searches will be through html tags (and more -
some specific html attributes). For example, i have an index with content
field that stores html page content and search might look like name="generator"
http-equiv="Wordpress 3.1"
or it might look like

So i wonder if there is a way to create a tokenizer that would use only
html tags and split them in pieces (space is ok), so that we get something
like 'html', 'name="generator"', 'src="jquery.js"'. All i ws able to
achieve so far is tokenizing each tag as single token (with all params in
it). Obviously this won't work...

Will be glad to hear any suggestions.

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