Tokenizer in Elasticsearch

The issue is I have to tokenize data into tokens based on spaces at the same time I can't tokenize the data based on special characters. Right now the regex I have is

   (\w*[-*#+=;:\/,~_ ]*\w+)

With this when I process the string

1-CHECK ON BLOCKS BELOW IF MARKET CORRECTION ARE LOADED: PCORP:BLOCK=ANCTRLG&V5PTCLG;   AF55722  BRTBMWA-3289 (AF55722) in block ANCTRLG (Product ID: CAAZ 107 4493 R1A10 )  AF55736  BRTBMWA-3290 (AF55726)in block V5PTCLG  (Product ID: CAAZ 107 4260 R2A08 )  IF MARKET CORRECTIONS ARE LOADED THEN V5 INTERFACE PROPERTY MUST BE DEFINED AS FOLLOW : MUXFIM : ACC-OFF (Accelerate Alligment is not active) WLL    : ACC-ON  (Accelerate Alligment is active ) :  EXAPC:V5ID=v5id,PROP=ACC-OFF; 

What it does is tokenizes the string based on spaces at the same time it also tokenizes the data based on special character like

         :  EXAPC:V5ID=v5id is tokenized to :  EXAPC, :V5ID and =v5id rather want it to split as : and EXAPC:V5ID=v5id

I want to avoid this any idea on this any help will be appreciated.

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