Tolerance of spelling mistakes when searching with shingles


I'm very new to elasticsearch. I hope this is the right forum for asking this question.

In, Zachary Tong describes the solution to the problem I have, except at the end of the first section, he says "The only feature you lose is the ability to tolerate spelling mistakes…but there are better ways to handle that behavior (which I’ll cover in a later article)."

Does anybody know where that later article is, or alternatively, can anybody tell me how to deal with spelling mistakes while using the shingles approach that Zachary describes?



Here's a description of the actual problem I'm trying to solve, in case somebody wants to suggest an better way:

I have a set of data that describes television shows. Each item has a title, a synopsis & sets of actors, directors, narrators, etc.

I want to implement a search that:

  • Offers suggestions for show titles, actor/director/etc. names & is tolerant of spelling mistakes. This is what I'm using Zachary's blog for
  • For each possible completion, indicate what kind of thing the completion is (whether it's a title, an actor, etc.)
  • Can fall back to searching the synopsis (& some other fields) if nothing matches in the title/actor/director/etc. fields

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