Too many shards?


We are having unhealthy deployment, I tried to check the shards state, it seems we have too many shards ?? /_cat/shards?h=index,shard,prirep,state,unassigned.reason

The head size we have:

"jvm": {
        "mem": {
          "non_heap_used_in_bytes": 228968704,
          "heap_max_in_bytes": 30887378944,
          "heap_used_in_bytes": 4712939208,
          "heap_committed_in_bytes": 30887378944,
          "heap_used_percent": 15,
          "non_heap_committed_in_bytes": 247660544,
          "pools": {
            "old": {
              "max_in_bytes": 30023680000,
              "peak_max_in_bytes": 30023680000,
              "peak_used_in_bytes": 4063783088,
              "used_in_bytes": 4063783088
            "young": {
              "max_in_bytes": 767754240,
              "peak_max_in_bytes": 767754240,
              "peak_used_in_bytes": 767754240,
              "used_in_bytes": 632512272
            "survivor": {
              "max_in_bytes": 95944704,
              "peak_max_in_bytes": 95944704,
              "peak_used_in_bytes": 95944704,
              "used_in_bytes": 16643848

And for /_cluster/allocation/explain?pretty

Any support would be highly appreciated.

Can you share the output of those two api's?
Also What is the cluster state ?

The output from the _cluster/stats?pretty&human API would be better please.

Thanks for getting back to me on this.
Just click on the api's I mentioned above, its linked to the output in a GitHub gist page.

I have got the stats after we have restarted the deployment, click _cluster/stats?pretty&human to view the output please.

the current stats look good, also you just have 191 shards , so that's all right .
Do you see any issues now?

6.8 reached EOL this month, you should definitely consider upgrading given we've just released 8.0 :slight_smile:

That aside, your cluster is green, so it's not clear why you think this is unhealthy?

After restating the deployment, it got green. Thanks for the note regarding 6.8.x reaching EOL, is there any recommended upgrade approach?

Please refer Upgrade to Elastic 8.0.0 | Elastic Installation and Upgrade Guide [8.0] | Elastic to know more about upgrade notes.

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