"Too small maximum heap"

I have installed 7.14 on a new machine running ubuntu 18.04. This machine has 48 GB of memory and is identical to another machine that I am currently running ES 7.14 on.

The Elasticsearch.yml is identical and jvm.options (apart from things like host names and IP addresses).

The machine had been part of the cluster in the past and had 6.86 installed that started fine but when I installed 7.14 it refuses to start with errors from java:

Nov 10 07:48:10 secmonprd08.its.auckland.ac.nz systemd-entrypoint[8992]: Too small maximum heap

jvm.options sets


top shows:

48,604,004 total,
46,607,076 free,
 1,202,560 used,
   794,368 buff/cache

Any idea what the issue is or how to diagnose it?

-Xmx20 means the maximum heap size is 20 bytes, which is definitely far too small. Try -Xmx20g instead.

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ROTFL! it had to be something really simple!

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