Tools for troubleshooting performance issues

What are tools I can use to troubleshoot performance issues with Elasticsearch? I need something that can take search queries and give me hints on why they are slow. It would be nice if it gives suggestions too.

Have you looked at the explain API? That might help, but it won't give suggestions.

No, it does not help. It was not detailed enough. I had a similar problem with Profile API. It does not break things down enough to allow me to find poor patterns.

Well, what worked for me was a combination of the explain API and performance tests running regularly in Jenkins. I ran a single query manually with the explain param, investigated results and simply found an alternative query for any problematic part I found, modified it and executed performance tests.

Also, playing with shards, replicas, # of nodes, analyzers etc. helps, but only with performance tests in place, because you can't spot any potential difference with a single request.

I hope this helps.

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