Top_hits return multiple values whenever I declared the size = 1

Hi ,

I am using an ealstic query where I need to find all the running job in last 15 mins.
I captured the job data in a index. I just want to get the latest doc (single doc for each job). I tried to use top_hits but I am getting multiple value for a jobid. Could you pls help me.
Here is my query.'xyz-*',size=10000, body ={"aggs": { "group": { "terms": { "field": "Id.keyword" }, "aggs": { "group_docs": { "top_hits": { "size": 1, "sort": [ { "@timestamp": { "order": "desc" } } ] } } } } }, "query": { "bool": { "must": [ { "match_all": {} }, { "match_phrase": { "clustername": { "query": "abc" } } }, { "match_phrase": { "status.keyword": { "query": "RUNNING" } } },{ "range": { "@timestamp": { "gte": 1563428965639, "lte": 1563429865639, "format": "epoch_millis" } } }] }} })

That shouldn't happen with top_hits and size:1.
Can you share an example mapping, docs, search and result (with formatted JSON so it's readable).

In practice it may not give you what you're looking for anyway - presumably your query is filtering log records where status is "running" - you won't see the logged event docs where the same job has status "stopped" so you may be assuming a job is still running when it's not?

In these sorts of cases it can be simpler to update a single doc with the ID of the job and update the lastStatus and lastTime fields then do your aggregations based on that.

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