Top k of top n: best way to do a nested aggregation

I have millions of documents that contain (among others) two fields:
property1 and property2. Each of these fields can take many values in each
document. Suppose now that I want to list the top n values of property1 and
for each of these values, find the top k values of property2. For example,
the result of the top 2 of prop.2 for each of the top 3 of prop.1 could be:

prop1: YELLOW
prop2: heavyweight
prop2: useful

prop1: RED
prop2: unuseful
prop2: lightweight

prop1: BLACK
prop2: handy
prop2: lightweight

My first try with aggregations is:

"size": 0,
"aggs" : {
"topn" : {
"terms" : { "field" : "property1" , "size":3},
"aggs": {

First: is it correct? Second: is is the best way to do it?
My guesses are yes and no.
Any help is appreciated.


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