Top left logo change in Kibana 7.4

Hi I'm trying to change the kibana logo at top left ... I have tried searching through all possible post in elastic discuss regarding logo change.

But couldn't find any usefull procedure for 7.4 version. Can someone who have successfully implement logo change in 7.4 version please share the step by step procedure.

Thanks in Advance

Note: I have gone through all post but couldn't find anything relevant for logo change in 7.4 version.

Hi and welcome to our community!

Did you take a look at this post?


@matw i gone through this post, but can you help me with where to change those scripts. As i couldn't figure it out \

You'll need to create a plugin for this, so I'd suggest you start here to get information how to generate a plugin

@matw thanks for the help...I will go through the link and get back to you if i still need anymore assistance.

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