Top message visualization - how to filter

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I'm working with Syslog data from routers and switches and am trying to make a visualization that shows me what type of message is coming in the most. Like a top 5 message kind of thing so we can quickly see what we deal with the most.

When I try to make a pie chart and split it up based on the syslog_message field I get results, but they don't make sense.

This is what I end up with

The message fields include the following which I want to sort it on "APPTRACK_SESSION_VOL_UPDATE", "APPTRACK_SESSION_CLOSE", "CHASSISD_IPC_UNEXPECTED_RECV" and a few more.

The message field is just a bunch of text, but how do I filter it out?

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This is what it looks like. What I want to do is make a visualisation that shows me what message I get the most. Some are unique and others aren't so is there a way to filter it in a way so it looks at the first few characters since that's all we need to determine what message it is.

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I had to use the .raw version of the field

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