Topbeat - Email Alerts

(Sameer Panicker) #1

Can anyone let me know how can I set email alerts if "" or my HDD free space is less than 5GB? Also, I would like to get one email per every 30mins, rather getting bulk emails?

(Mark Walkom) #2

You would need to use Logstash for that, Beats doesn't do that natively.

(Sameer Panicker) #3

Can u let me know how can i achieve this using logstash ?

Any links or examples ???

(Monica Sarbu) #4

I guess Mark is referring to the email output plugin from Logstash:

(Sameer Panicker) #5

Thanks Monica. I am looking for something where i can check datetime and trigger these emails every 30mins. How can i perform the current time check in logstash ?

(system) #6