Topbeat: FATAL: kernel too old

I am tying to install topbeat on RHEL 5.10 which is running on kernal version 2.6, but I get a sementation fault has kernal too old?

bash-4.2# /etc/init.d/topbeat
Usage: /etc/init.d/topbeat {start|stop|status|restart|condrestart}
bash-4.2# /etc/init.d/topbeat start
Starting topbeat: FATAL: kernel too old
/bin/bash: line 1: 10542 Segmentation fault topbeat-god -r / -n -p /var/run/ -- /usr/bin/topbeat -c /etc/topbeat/topbeat.yml

Currently we don't support RHEL 5.x as Golang doesn't have officially support for it, but we support starting with RHEL 6. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

which exact kernel version have you installed. From this article kernel version might work. The runtime checks some kernel features on startup and fails if anything important is missing (old kernel).

i also got kernel too old msg when i tried to run filebeat:

Starting filebeat: FATAL: kernel too old

here is my RHEL version:
LSB Version: :core-4.0-amd64:core-4.0-ia32:core-4.0-noarch:graphics-4.0-amd64:graphics-4.0-ia32:graphics-4.0-noarch:printing-4.0-amd64:printing-4.0-ia32:printing-4.0-noarch
Distributor ID: RedHatEnterpriseServer
Description: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.11 (Tikanga)
Release: 5.11
Codename: Tikanga

kernel version:

steffens, you mentioned that kernel might work with beats.
my kernel is 409.el5, is there a way to make it work without upgrading to RHEL6? upgrade to RHEL6 is not possible for my company.

This is a quite old thread. No idea if some 'newer' kernel version is required since then.

This very old blog post has some tips for installing go 1.1 on Centos 5.9.

With CentOS 5.x not officially supported, you might want to try getting it working in VM with most recent kernel version available for you distribution. In worst case you might have to build a 'newer' kernel version yourself.

by following andrew's suggestion above to run filebeat manually without using go-daemon. i'm able to run filebeat on my RHEL5 successfully.

now i just need to figure out how to run filebeat in background as a service. not sure whether i should compile go-daemon or should i use some other utilities...

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