Topbeat from master

Is there any documentation on how to build topbeat from master

I am interested in testing out the feature for command line options and would like to build a new binary from the source

If it helps, I usually download the Linux 64 bit package to install topbeat

You can try from nightlies if you want to:

I'm not sure if feature is included in nightlies yet.

Thanks but S3 is blockedby our firewall policy. :slight_smile:

So I compiled it from source using make .

@biswajit86 I'm glad you found the docs or figured it out yourself. It is definitively not 100% obvious that you have to search for these docs on, but no sure what a better place would be.

For documentation in case someone else stumbles over this thread, the docs on how to build it can be found here:

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  • There should atleast be a one-liner/hyperlink in that points to "how to build from source ". Its not always intuitive to get "build from source" instructions form

  • Also if you follow the steps for make command, you only get the topbeat binary. It does not generate the correspoding config files . If there are extra params/switches in the config file, it will be unobvious to the user. The make command should be modified (IMO) to generate the corresponding config file.

Thanks for the feedback. I like the suggestion of the first point. What do you think @dedemorton ?

For the config file, why not take the checked in file under ?

The topbeat yml can be taken from master. My point was that instead of end users trying to figure out where to pick individual files from, a target directory created as an output of make command can automatically add the usual files found in a package, which for now are the topbeat binary, the config file and the json template

I see. We have very similar functionality in our beats-packer that also generates the packages itself, but not based on the standard make command: An other solution would be to improve the docs on where to find the files (in case the docs are read :wink: ). Thanks for the inputs.

no probs. happy to help