Topbeats and Physical volume

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I have ELK with:

  1. Elasticsearch 2.1
  2. Logstash 2.3
  3. Kibana 4.3

I have too a virtual machine with topbeats1.2.3 and many disk partitions. This agent is setting to send only Filesystem information (filesystem: true). But the problem is only have information about the logical volumen and I don't have information about the physical volumen. Any idea how I can solve this????/

(ruflin) #2

Does your virtual machine have in general access to this information? How do you gather this information manually?

(Dayron) #3

Yes my virtual machine have access to this information, manually run the following:

To logical volumen:

To physical volume:

The SO in the virtual machine is Centos6.5

(ruflin) #4

This is currently not supported. What is the virtual environment you are using? I would recommend to run topbeat on the virutal machines and on the physcial machine.

(Andrew Kroh) #5

To add a little more background to this thread, Topbeat reads from /etc/mtab to get a list of mounted filesystems. /etc/mtab is updated by mount automatically. The it uses statfs to get filesystem stats from each mount point.

To get info about the physical volumes we would need something that knows how to interface with LVM to collect the info. This sounds like a module for Metricbeat. It could collect and report data from vgs, pvs and lvs.

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